Choosing Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms today. The granite can come from a number of countries including China, India, or South America. Since granite is available in over a hundred different color patterns, home owners can choose a color scheme that goes best with their home. Granite itself is a dimension stone that has naturally occurring variations in both color and pattern. These variations usually called movement are the reason why it is a beautiful and unique choice. When choosing a color for a home, understand that the veining will effect color perception. When considering a particular color, ask to look at a larger slab instead of the small display square. This will give customers an accurate representation of the final product.

The price of granite depends on the following factors:
* Country of origin
* Amount purchased
* Popularity
* Season
* Color

These five factors are the primary determinants of granite prices. Popularity is especially important and is affected by the quarry where the granite comes from. Granite that is especially popular may actually be more expensive.

Before making a final decision on which style of granite, calculate the countertop area to determine how much granite will be neded. This will vary depending on the edge style of the granite, so make sure to ask the the installer about prices and styles. A good contractor will be able to give an accurate estimate of the cost. The good news is that consumers actually usually come out ahead when purchasing granite. It is sold in slabs so that the grain and color of the surfaces match, but the cost is calculated by the square footage of the countertop. For example, if the length of the granite countertops was going to be 60 inches long, but the slab measured 64 inches long, customers would only be charged for 60 inches.

When measuring granite countertops, make sure to factor in the backsplash. Usually the backsplash is in a separate, but complimentary color and sometimes in tile instead of granite, but this choice will depend on the style of granite used.

If granite countertops are being installed in a home that is about to be sold, the color of granite is especially important. Realtors recommend that the counters of the kitchen and bathroom be in warm colors, usually a light brown or cream with a slightly gold hue. Colors to be avoided are black and anything that looks slightly pink. While these colors are not necessarily a bad look for a kitchen or bathroom, home buyers prefer the warmer tones when considering a house.

These are a few tips on choosing granite countertops. Granite is a sturdy choice and will last for generations, probaly longer than the house itself. The cost can vary, so always look a few different businesses to compare both price and style of granite. Since there are so many colors available, homeowners are sure to find a style that works well for their home. Look at a local home improvement store to get an idea of the colors available.