Caledonia Marble is devoted to helping our customers make well  informed choices, no job is too big or too small. We are here to guide you through the entire process from spec to fabrication to installation – Caledonia Marble is a one stop shop.

Natural stone countertops have a distinctive appearance that can’t be copied or repeated with engineered materials like Corian, Formica, or Quartz surfaces.  Granite is durable, scratch & heat resistant, and unsurpassed in beauty and value. Because of the popularity of granite countertops, they are cost effective and defer a reasonably high return on your investment.

Although there are many types of materials to choose from, natural stone is still the number one choice of designers & builders. No synthetic material can compare to it’s beauty and charm. Whether you are remodeling or building your dream home or cottage, natural stone will make an elegant addition to your project.

Several features affect the price of granite and marble, but the most important are supply and demand. Supply is affected by the convenience and accessibility of the mine, the consistency of the stone within the quarry, and the stone’s workability. A granite that is elegantly figured, or one that contains rare colours, or one that is found only in a developing country will be more expensive.

Every slab of natural stone differs somewhat in colour and pattern from block to block. For this reason we recommend that you take the time to come in & view the current stock before you make your final choice. While the samples are intended to represent the quarry’s product, each slab may differ slightly in colour and veining.

Caledonia Marble can provide you with unsurpassed knowledge and know how of all of your natural stone needs, from start to finish. With close to 50 years experience, we are considered pioneers  in the field and are dedicated to ensuring that your renovation is a pleasant one